ThoughtCast is an electronic impression pad app that, when combined with a special Bluetooth sensor board, allows you to divine words, drawings, numbers, or letters, all in real time, without any assistants!

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What Is ThoughtCast?

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Nine Reasons You Should Use ThoughtCast:

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Magicians and mentalists worldwide have been putting ThoughtCast to the test, and the verdict is in!

— Gerry McCambridge, creator of The Mentalist and nightly performer in Las Vegas

I love the use of electronics in mentalism, so I usually purchase everything that is on the market to compare product features, and see what will work best for me in my act. ThoughtCast is one of those products that I will use nightly in my Las Vegas show. I will also use it for special appearances where pre-show information collection is required. The fact that I can use ThoughtCast on stage, with a King Size Sharpie to get real time information for a design duplication routine is great. Then, with a few settings changes in the app, I can use a standard pen to collect information pre-show. You can calibrate the ThoughtCast to work through almost any thickness pad. There is a little learning curve with the calibration and the app settings, but the only reason there is a learning curve is because there are so many features you can customize, depending on your performance needs. If you like using electronic collection devices, this should certainly be something to consider purchasing. It is well worth the investment.

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