ThoughtCast is an electronic impression pad app that, when combined with a special Bluetooth sensor board, allows you to divine words, drawings, numbers, or letters, all in real time, without any assistants!

Take Your Mind Reading

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What Is ThoughtCast?

How Does ThoughtCast Work?

(spoiler alert)

First, Your Spectator Draws any Shape or Writes any Word on a pad of paper inside of a folio, using a "normal" pen.

Next, You have your phone out, and it appears to be locked (or on the home screen, or on any screen). As soon as you touch the screen, you instantly get a peek. Let go, and it goes away!

You can obtain your peek on your Apple Watch as well. Now that you know what they wrote, you can reveal it in whatever way you'd like!

Nine Reasons You Should Use ThoughtCast:


Use (almost) any writing device you'd like! They're not electronic or pressure sensitive, and are super affordable to gimmick and replace!


As thick as 20 playing cards and as heavy as about 4 decks of cards, this pad is easy to hide and conceal in any folio or notebook.


30-50 foot Bluetooth range lets you read minds on the other side of the room, or from another room entirely! 


Your phone looks asleep, but the minute you touch the screen, you get your peek. Lift your finger and it vanishes. You can also make it look like your phone is on the home screen!


Automatically save after your spectator finishes, without doing anything! Perfect for pre show work or saving your spectators thoughts easily.


Living and Dead Tests, Supercharged! Set up where the spectator will write on your pad, and when they do, ThoughtCast will vibrate that number right to your phone.


Can't get a peek on your phone? No problem! Open the Apple Watch app, and see everything right on your wrist!


Every piece of electronics fails at some point, but 

ThoughtCast will let you know the rare time something goes wrong, so you can change course before its too late.


We know things go wrong sometimes, but we are always here to help. All of our equipment carries a manufacturer 2 year warranty, and email support to help you out of any issues you have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Price and Guarantee

What is the Pricing Structure of the ThoughtCast app?

ThoughtCast is available as a kit, at several price levels. Visit for all the details!

What do I do if I have any problems?

Just send an email to and we will get back to your question within 24 hours. We also have a secret Facebook group registered users can join to get help from each other, discuss new features, share routines, and much more!

How do I get a warranty replacement?

First, if you have any difficulty, email us through the "Contact Support" button in the app. This will send us a log of your usage that will help diagnose the issue. If you can't get to that button, just email and we will help you as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! You can make installment payment using one of our financing providers when you checkout. Just look for the option to split into payments in checkout.

What kind of support is provided on the ThoughtCast software?

We provide free support for the ThoughtCast app for all registered users, for the latest version of the app.

The Sensor Board

What else comes with the Sensor Board? Any accesories?

Yes! When you purchase a Sensor Board, you also receive a charging cable, and a two magnetic rings, which can be used to gimmick two drawing devices. These rings are silver in color and, to be gimmicked, need to be painted black to be most easily hidden. Because the sensor board is designed for use by artistic professionals, it also includes a small sketch book, a pen, a pencil, and some paper clips, all of which are not necessary for the use of ThoughtCast. If you'd like to gimmick additional pens, professionally produced black ring magnets can be purchased from inside of our store.

How long does the battery last on the Sensor Board?

The manufacturer has listed the battery life as 7 hours on a full charge, but your mileage may vary. In our testing Sensor Boards last between 6 and 7 hours on a full charge when left on and connected to ThoughtCast.

How long does the battery take to charge?

In our tests, it takes about 2-3 hours to reach full charge from 0% battery.

Is the battery removable/replaceable?

Unfortunatly, no.

Can I connect multiple sensor boards to my app simultaneously?

No. Only one at a time.

Does the sensor board automatically reconnect?

Yes. Should your sensor board go out of range, the app will alert you visually and with a vibration. Once the board comes back into range, it will automatically reconnect.

What is the range of the Sensor Board?

Because the board connects via Bluetooth, this varies. The official answer from our manufacturer is 30-45ft, but in our tests we have achieved over 50ft of range. Be sure to test your range in your performance environment to ensure connection strength and quality when performing.

Does the Sensor Board come in a variety of sizes?

For the time being, no. Because we do not manufacture/create these boards, we cannot change the size. However, if our supplier decides to release a mini size with the same computer chipset, our app will support them. Also, we have a update coming in version 2 that will remove a lot of the limitations of where you can hide your pad/what type of pad you can use, so stay tuned!

What size is the Sensor Board?

Height: 10.5 in. (266 mm) Width: 7.3 in. (186 mm) Thickness: 0.28 in. (7 mm) Weight: 13.4 oz (380 g)

Pens and Ring Magnets

How many pens are included with the Sensor Board?

The ThoughtCast Sensor Board includes a pre-gimmicked pen and a pencil with gimmicked grip.

Why are the included ring magnets silver and not black?

The sensor board is designed for artists, not magicians and mentalists, and most artists aren't concerned with hiding their ring magnets. If you would like ring magnets that are professionally produced with a black coating, they are available in our store.

Can I use more than one pen/ring magnet at a time?

Although we have no idea why you would want to do this, the short answer is no. The sensor board was designed to be used with only a single ring magnet at a time.

Installation and Setup

How do I install the app onto my device?

Simple, just go to the App Store on your device, search for ThoughtCast, and install it. It is a free download (meaning you will not be charged by Apple to download it to your device). Once installed, use the username and password provided when you purchase a system or a software license to sign in and use ThoughtCast!

How many devices can I activate ThoughtCast on once I purchase it?

You can activate only one device at a time.

How many devices can I install ThoughtCast onto?

You can install the ThoughtCast app onto every device you own, but you can only use your login details on one device at a time.

Does this work with my Android device?

Soon! We plan to launch Android support before the end of the year.

Can I turn off touch to peek and just have the drawing on all the time?

Yes! If you prefer to hide your device in your case and get your peek with a casual glance, this is achievable with the "Drawing Always Visible" switch in settings.

Can I change the thickness of the line?

Yes! There is a "Line Width" slider in settings.

Can you invert the color of the screen (so the drawing is a black line on a white background)?

Yes! There is an "Invert Colors" toggle in the Settings!

What version of iOS is ThoughtCast compatible with?

Any iOS 10.2 or newer.


What else do I need to perform with ThoughtCast?

Once you purchase the ThoughtCast kit (which includes sensor board, app, and ring magnets), the only thing you need to purchase are the writing devices you would like to use and the folio to hide your sensor board. The details of what pens work best, and where to find them, are explained in the ThoughtCast instructions. Chances are good that you have several pens and markers laying around that are compatible, but if you don't, we sell pens and markers ready to go in our store. You also need to purchase some device to hide your sensor board. We reccomend a pad folio, and chances are if you have a pad folio at home, it is fine to use with ThoughtCast, so long as it does not contain any metal or magnets (i.e. magnetic clasp), as those will interfere with the operation of the board. We also sell pad folios in our store, but these are not required for operation (but are highly reccomended).

How does ThoughtCast work?

ThoughtCast, though it looks like a iOS app, is actually three systems working simultaneously: a special sensor board, a ring magnet, and an iOS device (such as an iPhone or iPad). The sensor board connects to the iOS device via Bluetooth, and the sensor board is hidden inside of a folio, or special clipboard, drawing pad, or whiteboard (available in our store). Then, a pad of paper of any shape or size is placed on top of the folio or clipboard, so the sensor board is the lowermost layer. Next, a ring magnet is installed into a writing device, such as a pen or marker. We supply two of these ring magnets when you purchase the ThoughtCast sensor board, as well as instructions on the proper way to install the ring magnet. Once the board is hidden, the pad of paper is placed on top of the sensor board, and the ring magnet is installed onto a pen or marker, and ThoughtCast is open and set up/running, anything the spectator draws with the pen is secretly sent to the iOS device.

Can I ask a question not listed here?

Of course, just email and we'll be more than happy to answer it for you! It might even make the FAQ too!

Does ThoughtCast come with any routines?

We like to think of ThoughtCast as a utility device, like a thumb tip or a deck of cards, that you can use for whatever routine you come up with it for. However, we also have a Facebook group of users and fans, who have been sharing their routines, and we invite you to join us (just search for "ThoughtCasters" and look for the blue brain icon).

What happens if something goes wrong mid-performance?

Because this is a piece of electronics, and despite thoroughly testing it under every concievable instance and situation, there will still be times when one of two things go wrong: 1) the board becomes disconnected from the iOS device, and 2) the pen strokes aren't being captured. When your board becomes disconnected, ThoughtCast will try to signal you in two ways. One, it will visually show you, via a small dot on the drawing mode and zone mode screen, that will change from green to red. Second, it will begin vibrating non-stop until the board reconnects. If the board is set up properly, every time the spectator touches the pen to the pad (in drawing mode), the iOS device will emit a small vibration (if the device has a vibration motor). This is to alert you that a drawing is being made. If you know they are drawing, and the slate is connected, but the iOS device isn't vibrating, you know there is something wrong and must revert to a backup peek method (center tear, etc).

Can this be used with traditional impression pad techniques?

Yes, if you feel more safe and secure having a physical impression as well, you can use this with any number of impression methods, as long as that method does not rely upon magnets.

With mobile phone device(s) is ThoughtCast compatible?

ThoughtCast is officially compatible with the iPhone 6 and newer. ThoughtCast is also compatible with iPad 3 and newer, but it is not reccomended to use an iPad because a) the UI has not been optimized for the iPad (we are currently working on this) and b) the iPad does not have a vibration motor, which prevents the user from taking advantage of the vibration feedback available in the iPhone.

Can I just use the drawing app that comes with the sensor board?

You could, but it wouldn't be easy! The app that comes with the sensor board is designed for artists, not magicians and mentalists. It will let you see what someone writes, but does not scale it up to see it easily, does not let you change the thickness of the line, does not let you save and send images with a single tap, and a host of other features our app was specifically designed to do. Our app is the reason we can provide this solution for mentalists and magicians at such an amazing price. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we found a unique piece of hardware that is readily available to the market, and designed an app to take advantage of all the amazing features of that hardware, cutting down on the cost of us to warehouse, ship, and repair hardware units when they break (and yes, your sensor board comes with a 2 year warranty no matter where you purchase it)! Plus, the app that comes with it is essential to keeping your sensor board up to date with the latest firmware, renaming it (if you use multiple boards as backups), and troubleshooting/requesting support from the manufacturer. All these things are detailed in our instruction manual!

Watch Mode

Is an Apple Watch app included?

Although you can download and install the Apple Watch app with ThoughtCast, it has no functionality until it is purchased.

What does the Watch App do?

The watch app simply shows everything you would normally see on the phone screen on your watch. It also shows you the battery power of your sensor board, the connection status, as well as the zone number of whatever zone is currently being drawn in. And it shows the time. You know, because its a watch too :)

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Magicians and mentalists worldwide have been putting ThoughtCast to the test, and the verdict is in!

— Gerry McCambridge, creator of The Mentalist and nightly performer in Las Vegas

I love the use of electronics in mentalism, so I usually purchase everything that is on the market to compare product features, and see what will work best for me in my act. ThoughtCast is one of those products that I will use nightly in my Las Vegas show. I will also use it for special appearances where pre-show information collection is required. The fact that I can use ThoughtCast on stage, with a King Size Sharpie to get real time information for a design duplication routine is great. Then, with a few settings changes in the app, I can use a standard pen to collect information pre-show. You can calibrate the ThoughtCast to work through almost any thickness pad. There is a little learning curve with the calibration and the app settings, but the only reason there is a learning curve is because there are so many features you can customize, depending on your performance needs. If you like using electronic collection devices, this should certainly be something to consider purchasing. It is well worth the investment.

Ready to Experience ThoughtCast?

Join the Magicians and Mentalists who are using ThoughtCast to amaze and wow their audiences worldwide! You got nothing to lose, so give it a try and see the amazing possibilities you can achieve in your show with ThoughtCast!


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