ThoughtCast Pro

Wireless Charging Instructions

Here’s a bit of instructions that you won’t find in the manual (since you got a super secret new thing!). And remember, not a word to be spoken to anyone about this until we announce it!


On the back of your board, you’ll find blue tape with 3 markings: open, on/off, and a (c). 


The “open” Mark is the corner that is not glued shut. In the instructions, you’re told to open this up fully to expose the USB port. Don’t do this if you don’t have to!...Use the plastic tool, insert it 1/4” into the corner labeled, and turn the tool just enough so there is a gap open to see into the board.


The “on/off” Mark is the magnetic switch. Using your standard ThoughtCast pen or any neyodium magnet, place it onto this spot for 3 seconds, until the white light turns on. Then, slowly slide the magnet over the spot until the light starts flashing blue. If it turns green or white, just repeat the sliding motion with the magnet until the blue flashing light comes back. You can leave the magnet mounted to the pen, just make sure to use a pen and not the markers as the magnets in them can’t get close enough to the switch without getting marker on your board.


The “(c)” (c in a circle) is where you want to put the wireless charger. We recommend using our charger, but any 5v or “safe” charger will work nicely...our charger comes with a ThoughtCast logo on it. Unlike most devices, where you put the device on the charger, with ThoughtCast pro, place the charger, logo side touching the board, on top of the (c) mark. Then, plug the charger into a computer or 5v charger (the cube iPhone chargers are good for this)... if all is well, the green light on the charger should come on and the internal light should flash orange. When fully charged, the orange light will turn solid. About 2 hours charge will get you about 8 hours of life. Don’t worry about overcharging it either.


When you’re done, press the open corner to re-engage the snaps, closing the board. Once you get a hang of the on-off procedure, you can just use your phone to connect without opening it up to look at the lights inside. Just open the ThoughtCast app and go into connect mode, then turn the board on and put into Bluetooth mode, and you will see it show up in the list, then tap it to connect. To power off, hold the magnet ring against the charging spot until you see it disconnect from the app home screen.


Once you’re familiar with how things work, remove the blue tape. If you’re worried about not being able to find the spots, before taking the tape off of the board, get a needle and a lighter, heat the needle, and carefully push it into the board less than 1/16”. Then, remove the tape, and you’ll have a little pin mark to remind you where the spots are.

If you find yourself without the charger and need to charge the board via micro usb, you can open the board from the corner marked "open" with the plastic pry tool, and open it wide enough until you see the usb plug (it is to the left of the led light). Simply grab this plug and firmly pull toward you and to the left, and the cable should come loose. Insert a micro usb charging cable (carefully) and connect to a computer or 5v power source to charge. When done, remove the charging usb cable and reinsert the usb cable inside the board, then snap the board shut. This is for emergencies, as doing this too often will wear down the tabs of the ThoughtCast board, causing it to be unable to stay closed without the adhesive material (included if needed/for emergencies).


If you have any questions, always remember that I am an email away and I’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours… That email if you forget is I hope you enjoy using this upgraded version of ThoughtCast Pro, it’s the best one I’ve ever released and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed creating it :-)


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